Posted on February 28, 2014 at 4:21 pm by Andrew Arnott

Great Ad: Pepsi Max show how viral is done (and get revenge in the process)

Pepsi Max’s ‘Test Drive’ ad was a huge viral hit, but many called it out as fake. ‘Test Drive 2’ aims to silence the doubters. And one doubter in particular.

Test Drive 2 Ad

Chances are you’ve seen Pepsi Max’s ‘Test Drive’ video, which went viral to the tune of 40m views. A brilliant ad, but many questioned whether it was faked. One car blog writer in particular, Travis Okulski, claimed that Nascar driver Jeff Gordon didn’t even drive the car and that everyone in it was an actor.

Enter Pepsi Max and Jeff Gordon for a sequel, featuring none other than Okulski as its victim.

In the video, Okulski is picked up by Jeff Gordon, disguised as a cab driver. We won’t spoil the video if you haven’t seen it. Just sit back and enjoy watching what raw fear really looks like!

Well played, Pepsi Max, well played!


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