Email campaigns

You’re probably emailing your clients or prospective customers already, but are you getting the most out of email as a marketing tool?

Are all unsubscribes, bounces and new subscribers handled automatically without you having to lift a finger?

Can you segment your subscribers into categories like customers who have made purchases or all those who clicked on a link in your last 2 emails?

Can you watch in real-time who opens your emails and who clicks the various links within them?

Can you tell who shared your email content on twitter or ‘liked’ it on facebook?

Can you measure conversion goals like who went on to buying a product?

And can you test your emails before you send them to check they look how they should and will pass the spam filters?

Email campaign reporting

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, then have a look at our very own email management system, which allows you (or us if you prefer) to do all these things very easily.

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