Just a fancy word for writing really. The key is that it’s writing with a purpose. Traditionally, that purpose was to directly promote something, usually for print. But with anyone able to publish anything in an instant now, the art of writing compelling copy is often taken for granted.

It shouldn’t be.

Because amongst all the noise, it’s now more important than ever to make your words count.

Don’t think that just because you can write well, you can produce great copy. And don’t think that just because you have a large marketing team that they’ll come up with the goods. It’s a specialist skill.

Writing great copy and achieving the goals or response that you want is about getting into the heads of your target audience and really connecting with them.

To do that, you might need a completely different perspective.

We know that you might need some convincing about the difference we can make. So here’s the thing. We’ll take part in an A/B test against anyone: your marketing team, your secretary, your ad agency, a competing copywriter. Anyone.

So next time you need amazing words for a brochure, your website, an ad, or an email campaign, just copy us in to the brief and see if you prefer what we produce. Or take the test one step further and compare the response rate of our copy versus your own or your agency’s.

Please get in touch for a quote or to put our copywriting skills to the test ยป